I study the formation of status orders, the role of cultural hierarchies in legitimating social dominance and inequality, processes of valuation that shape the perceived worth of things and individuals, and the relational origins of creativity. I am generally interested in status-based approaches to the study of inequality.




Market Chains: Consecration and Creativity in the Market for Modern Art. Book manuscript under contract, Princeton University Press.

Journal Articles

Fabien Accominotti. "Consecration as a Population-Level Phenomenon." Forthcoming, American Behavioral Scientist. [Journal]

Fabien Accominotti, Shamus Khan, and Adam Storer. "How Cultural Capital Emerged in Gilded Age America: Musical Purification and Cross-Class Inclusion at the New York Philharmonic.American Journal of Sociology 123: 1743-1783 (May 2018). [Journal]

Fabien Accominotti. "Creativity from Interaction: Artistic Movements and the Creativity Careers of Modern Painters." Poetics 37: 267-294 (June 2009). [Journal]

Fabien Accominotti. "Market and Hierarchy: The Social Structure of Production Decisions in a Cultural Market." Histoire & Mesure 23: 177-218 (December 2008). [Journal]

Working Papers

Fabien Accominotti. "A Theory of Consecration: Intermediation and the Formation of Economic Value in the Market for Modern Art."

Fabien Accominotti. "Status Signaling, Reciprocity, and Favor Exchange Participation."

Other Writings

Fabien Accominotti. "Beyond the Beat: Musicians Building Community in Nashville, by Daniel B. Cornfield." American Journal of Sociology 122: 2015-2017 (May 2017). [Journal]

Fabien Accominotti. "A Portrait of the Artist as a Prophet: Book Review of Manet: A Symbolic Revolution, by Pierre Bourdieu." European Journal of Sociology 56: 433-437 (December 2015). [Journal]


In Progress

"How the Reification of Merit Breeds Inequality: Theory and Experimental Evidence."

"The Sociology of Segregated Inclusion."

"Qualities and Inequalities: How the Interplay of Quality Signals Shapes Winner-Take-All Inequality."

"Collaborations and Careers: Disentangling Quality Signaling from Collective Skill Formation in the Theater and Movie Industries."


Fabien Accominotti, "Explaining the Legitimacy of Inequality: Two Experimental Tests of the Consecration Hypothesis," LSE International Inequalities Institute Research Innovation Grant (2017-2018).

Fabien Accominotti (co-PI with Shamus Khan and Barbara Haws), "Subscribers to the New York Philharmonic, 1842-present," Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Grant, Scholarly Communications Program (2012-2015).

Fabien Accominotti (co-PI with Pierre-Michel Menger and Karim Hammou), "Collaboration as a Mechanism for Notoriety in Three Creative Industries," French Department of Culture Research Grant (2011-2012).

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